Heat Recovery Ventilator Ratings part 2, Reviews of the AlpinePure, Alto, Atrea, Broan, Bryant, Buderus, Carrier, Clairitech, and Clean Comfort brands


AlpinePure------ geostar-geo.com ------4*

This brand is from GeoStar which is a division of Water Furnace International. These ventilators are manufactured by AIRIA BRANDS INC. The units have an aluminum crossflow core and a five speed motor. They have stand-alone multi-featured controls but the same functions can easily be performed with the latest in thermostat technology. The warranty is not as good as some other brands.

ALTO------------  alto-air.com.cn  ------2*

These units are made in China and offer variable airflow. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products.


These ventilators are made in the Czech Republic and sold throughout Europe. The DUPLEX EASY range offers three sizes of units and feature advanced EBM motors. Their website does not have a stated guarantee for their products.


This brand is a subsidiary of NORTEK and the units are made by VENMAR. The warranty on the units is not very good.


The units are manufactured by Venmar. The PREFERRED SERIES offers either vertical or horizontal mounted units and have automatic defrost based on outside air temperature. The guarantee on most parts is good but the warranty on the core is not.


This brand is a part of the BOSCH THERMO GmBH group. The LOGAVENT units feature a cross-counter flow heat exchanger and a digital remote control. The unit has four stages of airflow, automatic defrost, and are available in three sizes to match the requirements of your home. The manufacturer's website does not have a stated warranty policy.


They offer HRV units in several sizes but the warranty on the core is not as good as many other brands.


This brand is made in Canada and is sold throughout North America. The 120 HYBRID is a dual core ERV/HRV stand alone system designed for basements. It has one path for air from the basement where humidity is always removed and a separate path through its own core for the rest of the house. The guarantee on parts other than the core is not very good when compared to other brands.

CLEAN COMFORT--cleancomfort.com---2*

This brand is from DAIKIN GLOBAL. The VH SERIES offers five sizes of units to match the size of the home and features variable speed operation. The units have three operating modes but their warranty is not very good when compared to other brands. 

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