Humidifier Ratings part 2, Reviews of the Braeburn, Bryant, Carrier, Clean Comfort, Coleman, Desert Spring, Dornback, Frigidaire, GeneralAire, & Green brands



This brand offers units with capacities of 12, 17, or 18 gallons/day. They offer units with basic mechanical controls or digital automatic humidity controls. They are backed by a good warranty.


This brand is from UNITED TECHNOLOGIES. They have two capacities of units available in both the powered models as well as the bypass flow through units.


This brand is also from UNITED TECHNOLOGIES. They have two capacities of units available in both the powered models as well as the bypass flow through units. Their water saving bypass model uses a paper water panel for 100% water usage.

CLEAN COMFORT-NA---------5*--------NA

This brand is from DAIKIN GLOBAL. The HE SERIES offers three sizes of units and is backed by a very good guarantee. The "A" models feature automatic setpoint adjustment based on outdoor air temperature while the "M" models have manual controls.


The ECHELON SERIES offers basic humidifiers that are backed by a good guarantee. The brand is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS.

DESERT SPRING--NA---------1*---------4*

This brand has an auto flush function which flushes the unit every 48 hours. They have an optional electronic control. They can be purchased online, from home improvement stores, or through dealers. 

Their unique rotary disc model uses a set of polycarbonate discs and provides water savings. The unit is also very good for lower temperature heating systems such as heat pumps and geothermal systems. Their pulsed bypass flow through unit saves water by electronically allowing water flow for 2-3 seconds and then shutting it off for 30 seconds.


This brand has a wide range of models available but they use a manual control.


This brand is from NORDYNE and offers basic units. The manufacturer's website is no help and they only have an average warranty.


This brand is from GENERAL FILTERS INC. and is available in the U.S.A. and in Canada. They have a wide array of units available and most of them are backed with an industry leading warranty. (The warranty on the drum type is not very good and it uses manual control.) They have a dealer locator by zip code on their website.


This brand is from BEST AIR PRO. The MODEL 2500 has a patented diverter so that a bypass duct is not required so it is easier to install. It has a capacity of 18 GPD. The GH3200 model is a traditional bypass unit with a rated output of 19.5 GPD. Their website does not have a stated warranty policy.

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