Humidifier Ratings part 3, Reviews of the Hamilton, Herrmidifier, Honeywell, Humidaire, Lennox, Lifebreath, Luxaire, and Nutone brands



The flow through unit (model 12HF) uses electronic pulsed water control which provides significant water savings. They have a plug in transformer for easy installation and are available at home centers or online.


This brand is from AIR SYSTEMS COMPONENTS INC. The 707 Model is a centrifugal atomizing unit that can be installed on the HVAC system return duct. It has no pads or filters so it requires less maintenance than other models. The 465-C1 is a drum type unit while the COMFORTBREEZE units are flow through models. All of the models plug into an outlet for easy installation and come with a standard manual humidistat.


The HE280 is a bypass flow through unit with water saving technology but the warranty is not as good as some brands. The HE120 is a drum type unit for cases where there is not an available floor drain. It has a higher rating because fewer and fewer manufacturers are still using this old technology for health reasons. 

The HE360 is a do it yourself powered unit for larger homes but the warranty is not as good as some brands. The TrueEase HE300 has a much better guarantee but must be installed by a HVAC professional. It has water saving technology so that the unit only operates when it is necessary.


This brand is from ADAMS MANUFACTURING and is available in the USA and Canada. They offer a wide variety of models to fit most any need but their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.


The HCWP is a powered model with an output of 18 gallons per day. The HCWB units are bypass units and are available in 12 or 17 gallon per day sizes which is adequate for smaller homes. All of the units in the HEALTHY CLIMATE line offer automatic controls and are backed by a good warranty.


This brand uses a unique "pulsed flow thru" design which saves on the amount of water used. A timer turns the water on for 4 seconds and then off for 30 seconds. This ensures that the pad stays wet but prevents water from being wasted. They can be purchased online.


The ACCLIMATE humidifiers offer either a manual or automatic humidity control and are backed by a good warranty. They have a capacity of from12 to 18 gallons per day.


These humidifiers have all of the standard features and come with a manual humidistat. The warranty is not very good unless you purchase an entire hvac system from them at the same time.

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