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Our HVAC advertising page is the place where your business begins to connect with knowledgeable consumers. The majority of this website is designed to empower consumers to take charge of their home comfort systems. Once they are ready to make an informed purchasing decision, we provide them with the opportunity to put all of that wisdom to work.

Our Site Stats

With a global Alexa rank of 585,232 out of the 200 million websites worldwide and a rank in the top 150,000 of sites in the USA, we provide a large highly targeted audience. About 70% of our visitors are from the USA with another 10% from Canada and the remainder from Europe. We have an average of 3000 unique visitors each and every day and the majority of them are college educated males. Our Youtube channel has approximately 4,200 subscribers and about 2.25 million lifetime views. In addition, we have about 750 followers (mostly from the HVAC industry) on our Twitter feed.

Traditional  HVAC Advertising 

If you have an Adwords account, you can easily bid on our Adsense ads that are strategically placed with one ad per page throughout the website. If you prefer, you can also use the Amazon or Bing networks.

With the rise of adblocker software, a new solution is required which we offer through the in-house creation and implementation of a custom advertising solution. We offer site wide sponsorship as well as sponsoring of individual pages.

Video Ad Creation...

If you would prefer video ads, we can create a campaign for you. We can implement your own video ad or we will create a custom video ad for your product/company. ** NOTE** All video ads that we create will be treated as intellectual property of Heartland Media LLC. They can be taped at your manufacturing facility or an authorized dealer/distributor location. They will be high definition (HD) videos and you will have the opportunity to approve of their content prior to implementation. You can appear in the videos or have the hvacrepairguy (from the Youtube channel) appear and provide his expertise.

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