Itsy Bitsy Spider

by Grumpy Old Man
(Branson, Missouri)

After shutting off all electricity, I removed the outside unit's cover to examine the capacitor per my repairman's suggestion.

Since the capacitor was not swollen and the wires looked good, I examined the control board. In the process I removed a dead spider and its web which was between two leads on the control board.

Seeing that there were LEDs which signaled fault conditions, I switched the circuit breakers back on, only to have the A/C start and then spend the next 4 hours cooling the house.

The unit has now been successfully turning off and on and keeping the house cool. I had totally powered the unit down for several hours the evening before, hoping that a re-boot or letting the coils defrost might get us going, so I'm convinced that removing the spider was really the cure.

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