Oil Fired Boiler Ratings part 10, Reviews of the Sunpot, System 2000, Thermo Dynamics, and Thermsaver brands

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This brand is made and sold in Japan. The boiler includes a built-in circulator pump and air vent but their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. 

SYSTEM 2000----------3*----------------5*

The 90+ RESOLUTE boiler provides both central heating and domestic hot water. The units are direct vented and feature a five zone heat control. The SYSTEM 2000 model is a high efficiency boiler that is backed by a very good guarantee. Its unique spiral heat exchange design provides a large ten feet of surface to transfer heat from the exhaust gas to the boiler water and their silent burner enclosure provides for very quiet operation. The brand is made and sold in the USA but is only available through their authorized dealers

THERMO DYNAMICS-<1*----------------5*

The LMD SERIES units are low mass, two pass cast iron units. They are direct vented and have a swing open burner door for easy cleaning. The HT SERIES units are three pass, forced draft units with a built in domestic hot water coil. The TDX 90 PLUS is a high efficiency boiler with a three pass heat exchanger and a reversible swing burner door. It is backed by a good warranty. 


The OWB units (shown here) are chimney vented units with a swing open burner door for easy cleaning. They are available in four sizes to match the heating needs of the home and also offer an optional two stage fuel unit.

The OWT units have a built in domestic hot water coil.

The warranty on the units is good but they are only available through a very limited dealer network. 


These units are made in the U.K. and features both indoor and outdoor units. The BOILER HOUSE models can be vented either conventionally or with balanced flue for better efficiency. The CONDENSING KITCHEN models are compact and have a white appliance grade finish. The warranty on the heat exchanger of this brand is not as good as other brands. 

Other Oil Fired Boiler Brand Ratings

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