Oil Fired Boiler Ratings part 2, Reviews of the Arca, Benjamin, Brock, Bryant, and Buderus brands

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This brand is made in Italy and is available in Europe. They offer standard heating only models as well as models with a heat exchanger for quick domestic hot water production. The manufacturers' website is very little help and does not have a stated warranty policy. 


This brand is manufactured in Canada and is also sold in the U.S.A. They offer two models (OB1000 and OB2000) with an AFUE of up to 87%. Some of the models have optional balanced flue or power venting for flexibility in installation. They also have an optional domestic hot water coil available but the standard warranty is not very good. 


These boilers are made and sold in Canada. The BBC boilers feature a three pass cast iron heat exchanger and electronic controls. They have a reversible full swing door for easy maintenance and cleaning and the units are backed by a very good guarantee. 


This brand is a part of United Technologies and is available through dealers in the USA and Canada. The PREFERRED SERIES BW4/5 units have an efficiency of 86%. The units are compact for easy installation and have a swing burner door for easy maintenance and repair. They are sectional cast iron units that are backed by a very good warranty. The BW4 (shown here) is for heating only while the BW5 has a tankless coil for domestic hot water as well as central heating.  


This brand is a part of the BOSCH THERMOTECHNOLOGY CORP. The LOGANO G115WS model is a cast iron unit that is available in three sizes and features a full swing open burner door for easier maintenance and repair. The unit offers flexibility in venting as it can be vented into an existing chimney or direct vented. The unit has a three pass design which minimizes loss of heat up the chimney and it has a full three inches of insulation around the boiler to minimize standby losses.

Other Oil Fired Boiler Brand Ratings

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