Oil Fired Boiler Ratings part 5, Reviews of the Dynatherm, Elco, FCX, Firebird, Fleetline, and GAH brands

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The FP series is available in three sizes for homes but their website is not much help. The units can be vented into a chimney or direct vented. Their website is not much help and the guarantee on the heat exchanger is very good but on other parts it is not. 


The STRATON range features condensing boilers that are available in four sizes from 11 to 30 kw and have stainless steel heat exchangers for durability. The manufacturer's website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. The brand is a part of ARISTON THERMO GROUP and the units are available throughout Europe.


These boilers are available in two sizes and feature durable stainless steel secondary heat exchangers. They have a built-in expansion tank and pump for easier installation and have dual temperature circuits which allows for both low and high temperature applications. The brand is manufactured by GEMINOX and is available in the USA and Canada but only through a limited dealer network. Their guarantee is not very good when compared to other brands. 


This brand is made in Ireland and is available worldwide. The ENVIROMAX range consists of condensing boilers for indoor as well as outdoor installation. The warranty on the heat exchanger is not as good as most brands. 


These units are made in Canada by BRANT STEEL. The AQUAMATIC models have a ceramic fiber lined fire chamber for durability and multi-firing capacity for closely matching the heating needs of the home. The warranty on the units is not as good as some of the other options. 


These boilers are made in the U.K. The THERMECO units are available as a standard or system model and can be mounted internally or externally. They feature a stainless steel heat exchanger for durability and are available as floor standing or wall hung units. The guarantee on the units is not as good as some other brands.

Other Oil Fired Boiler Brand Ratings

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