Oil Fired Boiler Ratings part 6, Reviews of the Giersch, Grant, Harreither, Intercal, Jaspi, and Kerr brands

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The FCU models are high efficiency boilers with digital combustion management. The brand is a part of ENERTECH AB but their website is not much help.


These units are made and sold in the U.K. The VORTEX ECO UTILITY range features condensing units with a stainless steel heat exchanger for durability. They offer floor standing, external, and wall hung models. The VORTEXBLUE range offers models that are cleaner burning but the warranty (especially on the heat exchanger) is not as good as some other brands. 


The MULTI STAR range offers units that produce domestic hot water as well as central heating. They have an integrated buffer tank and are ready to partner with a solar system. They have electronic controls but the manufacturer's website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. 


The ECOHEAT boilers are available in five sizes to match the size of your home. They are high efficiency cast iron boilers with a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger for durability. The RATIOLINE R units are basic cast iron non-condensing boilers that are made to replace existing boilers without buying a new burner. The warranty is not as good as some brands. 


This brand is made in Finland and is available in parts of Europe.

The ECO 17 LUX and ECO 30 LUX units are three pass boilers that have an integrated domestic hot water coil.

The manufacturer's website is not much help to the consumer and does not have a stated warranty policy. 


The CALISTO model is a cast iron three pass boiler that can be vented either through an existing chimney or direct vented through the wall. The COMET is a horizontal fire tube boiler for greater efficiency. The brand is available through authorized installers in Canada.

Other Oil Fired Boiler Brand Ratings

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