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Our History, The Story Behind This Website

In order for you to understand our motives, we decided to explain how this site came about. This website was designed and is maintained for a very simple purpose which is to provide information for homeowners to help them with their hvac needs. I learned heating and air conditioning through an apprentice program and spent several years working as a service technician for a local company. Over and over again, I was dispatched to a home where there was a very simple problem or where some basic maintenance was required. These homeowners would end up spending around a hundred dollars for something that they could have easily done themselves (with a little help). I was injured on the job and had to have some major surgery as well as extensive rehabilitation therapy. During this time, I was let go from my job and travelled for hours each day to other cities for temporary jobs. After a few years of this, I decided that I could start my own company and I was successful as an hvac contractor. This did not leave me much time to pursue my passion of sharing the gospel with others and I was not able to find enough qualified professionals to run the business for me. It was then, that I was led to develop hvac-for-beginners.com as a means of supporting my family while still allowing me time to serve the Lord.

After I had this website up and running, I was led to share the knowledge of Jesus Christ with the world through a Christian website. There, we tell people about salvation through Jesus Christ as well as provide tools to help Christians in their daily walk with the Lord.

Now that you have a little of our history, you may ask yourself why you cannot do the same. If you have been given knowledge by God in any area, we would be glad to help you in sharing that with the world. It is easier than ever to share wisdom with others and many times you can earn a living in doing so.

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