Pellet Fireplace Insert Ratings part 3, Reviews of the Enviro, Extraflame, Golden Eagle, Harman, Heat Tech, Iron Strike, Jamestown, & Jolly Mec brands

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This brand is made in Canada by SHERWOOD INDUSTRIES LTD. The MILAN features "tri-mode" operation where the unit can be controlled manually, automatically through a thermostat, or with two stages (hi/lo) through a thermostat. The unit has a variable speed fan as well as an air wash system. The EMPRESS model features an arched cast iron door for that traditional look and feel while the MERIDIAN model is a large unit with more modern styling. The warranty (especially on the heat exchanger) is not as good as many brands and their products are only sold through authorized dealers.


These units are made in Italy and have a modern look and feel to them. They feature electronic controls with a remote but the warranty is not as good as many brands. Their website is not much help.


This brand offers one model (the Jackson) which can be purchased online from the manufacturer. The unit has five heat level settings and an output of up to 40,000 btu/hr. It features touch digital controls and automatic starting as well as an air wash system to keep the glass clean for viewing the fire. The warranty on the heat exchanger is not as good as most other brands.*

These units are from HEARTH & HOME TECHNOLOGIES and are only sold through authorized dealers. The ACCENTRA units burn very clean and efficient because of their accordion style heat exchanger. The unit has a built in room sensor and features microprocessor controls that eliminate the need for a wall thermostat. An optional outdoor air kit is offered to save on your home's energy costs. The warranty on the units is good but is very complicated.

HEAT TECH-- ---<1*

This brand features both standard and bay units. They offer an optional blower and are available in several colors but the warranty on the units is not very good.


This brand is from INNOVATIVE HEARTH PRODUCTS which was formed with the merger of LENNOX HEARTH PRODUCTS and FMI. The Winslow PI features bay windows for viewing the fire and SmartHeat technology. The units have a self-cleaning burnpot and automatic ignition for hassle free operation. They are backed by a good guarantee but are only sold through authorized dealers.<1*

The J1000 is a basic unit with a heating capacity of 38,000 btu/hr. The warranty on the heat exchanger is not very good when compared to other brands but the units can be purchased directly through their website.

JOLLY MEC---  -----------<1*

This brand is made in Italy and sold throughout Europe. The Syntehesis Line features fireplaces with electronic controls and a built-in humidifier but the warranty is not very good.

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