Pellet Stove Ratings part 14, Reviews of the  Pelpro, Phebo Stufe, Piazetta, Pinnacle, Pleasant Hearth, Qlima, and Quadra-Fire brands

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This brand is from HEARTH & HOME TECHNOLOGIES which is a subsidiary of HNI CORPORATION. They offer two sizes of standard stoves with a traditional look and feel. The units have a fan to circulate the heated air but they use basic mechanical controls. The guarantee is not very good when compared with other options. 


These stoves are made in Italy and the brand offers a wide selection of models. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.<1*

This brand features a refractory lined firebox and digital controls. They have porcelain enameled steel exteriors that are available in several colors and the units can be ducted to heat several rooms. The units have two independent fans that can be modulated to control the heat in two different zones. The units have a built-in humidifier for better indoor air quality but the warranty is not very good when compared to other brands.<1*

The MODEL 3000 units can burn grains as well as wood pellets and can be purchased online from the manufacturer. They are direct vented for easy installation and have an adjustable heat output of 8000 to 30000 btu/hr. The units have a built-in blower for heating and must have a backup power source in case of power outage. They can be purchased directly from their website but the warranty (especially on the firebox) is not as good as many other brands.


This brand is from GHP GROUP and offers basic units in three different sizes. The units feature automatic ignition and an airwash system to maintain clear views of the fire. They offer outside combustion air kits for increased efficiency but the warranty (especially on the heat exchanger) is not very good.<1*

These stoves are sold through dealers in Europe. They offer a variety of models but their website is not much help and the guarantee on the units is not very good when compared to other brands.


This brand is from HEARTH & HOME TECHNOLOGIES. The MT VERNON AE units are multi-fuel units with auto cleaning and lighting. They also offer an optional outside air kit. The stoves burn very cleanly and are easy to maintain but replacement parts are relatively expensive.

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