Pellet Stove Ratings part 2, Reviews of the Ariterm, Artense, Avalon, Bioecotermo, Bosca, Breckwell, and Bronpi brands

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These stoves are made in Sweden. The MYSINGE range features a traditional cast iron look and feel with optional stone top and sides. The NEPTUNI units have a modern look and feel with their elliptic window for viewing the fire. They are available in six different colors to match the decor of the home and can be installed with a traditional chimney or direct vented through a wall. The LILLA FRO model is a compact stove with automatic ignition and programmable digital controls. It has a relatively large hopper for its size and requires filling only every one or two days. Their website does not have a stated guarantee policy.

ARTENSE--  --<1*

This brand is a part of SEGUIN DUTERIEZ and is made and sold in France. They offer a variety of models with some having the ability to be connected to a duct system. They feature large windows for viewing the fire and an optional outdoor air kit for combustion air. Their website does not have a stated warranty policy.<1* 

This brand is from TRAVIS INDUSTRIES INC and is available in the United States and Canada. The AGP (All Grades Pellet) model has a stainless steel burn platform and firebox liner for durability. The units have a large 80 pound pellet hopper and are EPA certified for clean burning. The warranty on this brand (especially the heat exchanger) is not as good as many other options.<1*

The DRACO pellet stoves feature stainless steel construction and programmable digital controls. They have a built-in fan to distribute the heat but the warranty on the heat exchanger is not very good.<1*

These units are made in Chile and are available throughout the Americas and in Europe. The ECO PELLET 360 is a basic stove with programmable electronic controls. It is not a very good looking stove but can provide the required heat. The ADDA 10 has a much better appearance and the RANGE HALL is a slim model for installation in areas like hallways. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products.<1*

This brand is from NATIONAL STEELCRAFTERS and is available in North America. The BIG E model has the ability to heat larger homes (up to 2200 square feet) and has a traditional look and feel. The units have digital controls and automatic ignition as well as a durable stainless steel burn pot. The CLASSIC CAST units offer the nostalgic country look and feel with the ability to heat an average sized home. The MONTICELLO is a basic gravity fed stove so that no electricity is required for its operation. They also offer a multi-fuel model that can burn corn as well as wood pellets. The warranty on the heat exchanger is not as good as many brands.<1*

These stoves are made in Spain. They offer a variety of models featuring automatic programmable controls and an air wash system for clean views of the fire. The OASYS combustion control takes into account the pellet quality, venting, and atmospheric pressure to ensure optimum combustion. The guarantee on the heat exchanger is not as good as other brands.

Other Pellet Stove Brand Ratings

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