Portable HEPA Air Filter Ratings part 4: Reviews of the Dyson, Ecoair, Electrolux, Epurair, Europace, Friedrich and Germ Guardian brands

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The PURE COOL LINK PURIFIER FAN has a sleep timer and remote control. The unit oscillates to better distribute the purified air and has smart controls to automatically adjust operation of the unit.

The PURE HOT + COOL LINK combines a ceramic heater, fan, and air purifier into a compact stylish unit. They have a layer of activated carbon to capture smells and VOCs. They can be purchased directly through their website and have a decent warranty.


These air purifiers are available in two sizes and feature three speed fans with electronic controls. They have six stages of air purification and are available in the U.K. but the controls are not "smart". Their website does not have a stated guarantee for the units.


The PUREOXYGEN range has smart electronic controls and five stages of filtration. They can be purchased directly but their warranty is not as good as other brands.


The MA-1 air purifiers can be stand alone units or can be connected to a forced air duct system. They feature three stages of filtration but have only basic controls. The units are made in Canada by INDUSTRIE ORKAN INC. and are backed by a good guarantee.


The EPU 3300S is a basic air cleaner with five stages of filtration and an auto function with an odor sensor. They have a three speed fan and are very quiet during low speed operation. The units can be purchased directly from the manufacturer and have a decent guarantee.


The AP260 features five stages of air filtration and smart controls. It has a convenient remote control with a magnetic holder so it does not get misplaced. They have a color changing LED display that indicates the air quality and they are backed by a good warranty.

GERM GUARDIAN--guardiantechnologies.com--<1*

This brand offers both table top and tower models as well as factory refurbished models for the price conscious. They are three stage air purifiers that can be purchased directly through their website. They do not have smart controls but the units are backed by a good guarantee.

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