Portable HEPA Air Filter Ratings part 9: Reviews of the Sharp, Sinclair, Soleus Air, SPT, & Takada brands

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The KC models are available in two sizes and feature three stages of air filtration plus their plasmacluster ion technology. They also include a humidifier and have a three speed fan with smart controls. Their louvers are fixed and so do not distribute the air throughout the room as well as other brands.  

The FP models have the same features except they do not have a humidifier. The brand is available at discount retailers such as Walmart and Target but the guarantee on the units is not a good as other brands. 

SINCLAIR--  sinclair-solutions.com  ----1*

The SP-300A is a three stage air purifier with smart controls while the SP-240A includes a humidifier.

They have a remote control and a decent warranty but they use 50HZ power which is not used in North America.

SOLEUS AIR--soleushomecomfort.com--<1*

The AH1-CC-01 is a four stage air purifier with smart controls that sense the quality of the air around it and adjusts its operation to match the need. They are sold through many discount retailers but their website is not much help and the guarantee on the units is not as good as other brands.

SoleusAir AH1-CC-01


The AC-300 MAGIC CLEAN unit has a two speed fan and can be purchased directly through their website. Their site is confusing as other models that say they are HEPA do not meet the recognized standard for HEPA filtration. It is a basic unit and their website does not have a stated guarantee for the units.

Takada HYAP-201


The HYAP-201 has nine layers of filtration and smart controls to monitor the air quality while the TK-AC02 is a more basic six stage unit. The brand is the "house brand" from EAST PEAK PTE LTD and is available in Asia. The purifiers can be purchased directly through their website but the units are rather loud during operation and their guarantee is not as good as other brands.

Other Portable HEPA Air Filter Brand Ratings

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