Portable AC Ratings part 15: Reviews of the MEC, MG Eletro, Mitsui, Morgan, Mundoclima, & Nanyo brands

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MEC iPort G12000

This brand is made and sold in Malaysia by FIMACO which is a part of FIAMMA HOLDINGS BERHAL. The iPort is available in two sizes and features electronic controls with a temperature sensing remote for enhanced comfort. They use a self evaporating condensate removal system so that you do not have to periodically dump a bucket of water and their auto swing louvers provide for good air circulation throughout the room. These air conditioners use R-22 refrigerant which is not environmentally friendly and is being phased out. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products. mec.com.my

MG ELETRO--------<1*----------NA

These air conditioners are sold in Brazil but are only available in one size. They are basic single hose units with a three speed fan but the warranty on them is not very good when compared to other brands. mgeletro.com.br


These units are available in Europe and they offer both standard and split type units. The manufacturer's website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. mitsuiairconditioner.com


These air conditioners are made and sold in Malaysia by DKSH. The MAC-091 Feather Lite models are basic units with electronic controls and a remote but they only have two fan speeds.

The manufacturer's website is not much help and does not contain a stated warranty policy. morgan.my

Morgan MAC-091 Feather Lite


This brand is available in Europe, Latin America, and North Africa. They offer basic units with electronic controls but their website is not much help. salvadorescoda.com


These air conditioners are made by KIBERNETIK and are basic single hose units. The units can be purchased from their online shop but their guarantee is not very good when compared to other brands. kibernetik.com


This brand offers three sizes of units with self-evaporating technology so that there is no need to empty a condensate bucket. The AC-12200E is a cool only model that has programmable electronic controls and a three speed fan with a "energy boosting feature". With this feature, you can add a small amount of water which will help to cool down the condenser coil which lowers the operating pressures and uses less energy. The AC-10100H is a basic heat pump unit with a capacity of 10,000 btu/hr. The units can be purchased online through a variety of retailers but the guarantee on the compressor is not very  good when compared to other brands. newair.com

NewAir AC-12200E

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