Portable Dehumidifier Ratings part 9, Reviews of the Novita, Ocean Breeze, Olimpia Splendid, Omega Altise, Perfect Aire, Pifco, Prem-I-Air, & Pridiom brands

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The LAUNDRYFRESH series features electronic controls and a charcoal filter for improved indoor air quality. They can be purchased through their website but it is not much help.

OCEAN BREEZE--oceanbreezecomfort.com--<1*

This brand is from JC GLOBAL INC and offers four sizes of units. The OBZ-50DEP model has a built-in condensate pump so that it can be used virtually anywhere without the hassle of dumping a bucket. They have electronic controls but their website is not much help and the guarantee on the compressor is not very good when compared to other brands.

OLIMPIA SPLENDID--olimpiasplendid.com--<1*

This brand offers a wide range of units but they use 50HZ power and therefore are not available in North America. They have electronic controls and feature an audible alarm as well as the traditional light when the reservoir gets full. A hose can also be connected for continuous draining. The AQUARIA THERMO has a built-in heater but their website does not have a stated warranty policy.

OMEGA ALTISE--omegaaltise.com.au-<1*

These dehumidifiers are made in China and are sold in Australia and Asia. They have activated carbon air filters for improved indoor air quality but the warranty on the compressor is not very good when compared to other brands.

PERFECT AIRE--perfectaire.us---------<1*

This brand is made in China and imported by BIGWALL ENTERPRISES INC. The units have electronic controls with automatic defrost and are sold at many large retailers. The PADP50 & PADP70 models have a built-in pump to remove the condensate when a floor drain is not close at hand. They are available in four sizes but the warranty on the compressor is not as good as many other brands.

PIFCO-----  pifco-products.co.uk  ------1*

This brand is available in the U.K. and uses peltier technology for quiet operation. They are available in two sizes but the warranty is not as good as some of the other brands.

PREM-I-AIR---- prem-i-air.com --------<1*

They offer a wide range of units from mini models using PELTIER modules to 7, 8, and 10 liter/day models using desiccant. The standard units (with refrigerant system) have enhanced air cleaning available such as hepa filters, activated carbon filters, and an optional uv light. The warranty on the compressor in these units is not very good.


These dehumidifiers feature a built-in condensate pump and electronic controls. They are available in two sizes but the guarantee on the units is not very good when compared to other brands.

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