Portable Humidifier Ratings part 3, Reviews of the Dimplex, Dux, Dyson, Elro, Essick Air, Eurom, E-Ware, Graco, Guardian, Heaven Fresh, Hesstar, and Holmes brands

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The LOLA humidifiers incorporate an aroma diffuser and have three levels of humidity control. They can be purchased online from their website and have an average guarantee. dimplex.co.uk


The "Mushroom" ultrasonic humidifiers have a fun design to look like an actual mushroom. They have a night light but their website is not much help and they are only available through "specialist stores". duux.com


The AM10 is a very quiet humidifier with intelligent controls and a remote. Their air multiplier technology allows this relatively compact unit to distribute the air throughout a room of up to 172 square feet. They have ultraviolet cleanse technology to purify the water before putting in into the air and are backed by a pretty good guarantee. dyson.com 


This brand is available in Europe and is from SMARTWARES SAFETY AND LIGHTING. The units have electronic controls and are backed by a good warranty but their website is not much help. elro.eu

ESSICK AIR-------NA------------------3*

They offer a wide variety of sizes of units and have a humidistat for precise humidity control but. essickair.com


These humidifiers are available in Europe and have built-in night lights. Their website is not much help. euromac.nl

E-WARE ----------2*------------------NA

This brand is from U.S. PRO APPLIANCES INC. and offers basic models using ultrasonic technology. Their website is not much help but the units have a decent guarantee.  ewareappliances.com


This brand is a part of NEWELL RUBBERMAID. They specialize in units that are compact for the baby nursery. The 2H001 units are very easy to maintain due to them being dishwasher safe, having an easy fill tank, and a drop in filter. They feature basic mechanical controls and have an output of 1.5 GPD. gracobaby.com


This brand features "silver clean" technology to prevent germs in the reservoir. They offer a variety of models in cool mist only or warm/cool mist. The units can be purchased online through their website and have a good warranty. guardiantechnologies.com

HEAVEN FRESH---------3*-----------------NA

These humidifiers offer cool or warm mist in the same unit. They have digital controls and feature a rechargeable nano-silver & ceramic filter to control the "white dust" that is associated with operation of most humidifiers. They have variable spray and can be purchased online through their website. heavenfresh.com


The HUH-848 features electronic controls with a remote. The brand is made and sold in Malaysia. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. hesstar.com.my


This brand is manufactured by Sunbeam. They have a wide selection of ultrasonic models in either warm or cool mist models and feature antimicrobial tanks. The units are backed by an average guarantee. holmesproducts.com

Other Portable Humidifier Brand Ratings

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