Residential Solar System Ratings part 3, Reviews of the OkSolar, Rantoon, Renogy, Sharp, Silicon Solar, Solarcentury, Solarwatt, Solar World, Sonnenkraft, and Sunforce brands

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The kit offered by this company consists of two 130 watt panels which gives it a rather low output. The system is easy to install as it plugs into a standard outlet but the warranty is not very good.


The DIAMOND KIT offers a quick and easy installation but the systems are only sold and installed by dealers. They have a good warranty that can be extended and offer a customer financing program.<1*

This brand offers off-grid and building integrated systems as well as grid tied systems. The NAPS POWER PACK systems are a standard compact system that is very good for rural situations where there is no grid system. The manufacturer's website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.<1* 

This brand offers both grid tied and off grid systems. They offer three sizes of systems that can be purchased online. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products.<1*

This brand offers four sizes of grid-tie kits featuring microinverter technology. They are made in China and the warranty on the kits is not very good when compared to other brands.*

This brand offers complete grid-tie kits in eight sizes from one to six kilowatt. They feature microinverters to make building a large system easier. They also offer a wide selection of off-grid kits and all of the kits are backed by a good warranty.<1*

The SUNSNAP systems use microinverter technology for a simple cost effective way to begin with solar power. The guarantee on the systems is complicated and not very good.


This brand offers both grid tied and off grid solutions. They have five sizes of packages available and can be purchased through the manufacturer's online store. They are relatively expensive and the warranty is not as good as many brands.<1*

This brand is made in the U.K. and is available throughout Europe. The C21 solar tiles are easy to install and are backed by a good guarantee.*

This brand offers a wide selection of systems. They use innovative technology and are backed by a very good warranty.


This brand is from COLORADO INSTRUMENTS INC. and features professionally installed systems that are backed by a good guarantee.<1*

The COMPACT POWER systems are available in Europe and feature easy installation. They are backed by a pretty good guarantee but their website is not much help.<1*

This brand offers a PRO SERIES SOLAR BACKUP POWER KIT which is easy to install as no tools are required. It only has a power output of 45 watts but works with 12 volt or 110 volt appliances. The systems are available at many retailers and home improvement stores but the warranty is not very good.

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