Residential Solar System Ratings part 4, Reviews of the Suniva, Sunpower, Sunsource, Suntech, Sunvolt, Tesla, Trina, Westinghouse, Yellowblue, Yingli, & Zamp brands

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These solar panels are backed with a good warranty but their website is not much help.<1*

The MAXEON solar cells are state of the art with a copper foundation for corrosion resistance and they are more efficient and better looking than traditional cells. The panels have a built-in strain relief to account for daily temperature swings. The panels are backed by a good warranty.<1*

This system is designed to be integrated with their heating and cooling systems. The system allows up to 15 panels to be added and each of them has a microinverter so that you can build the system over time. The systems are backed by a good warranty and can be monitored through a website to ensure optimum performance.

SUNTECH---- -----<1*

This brand offers a variety of products. They are backed by a good warranty but they are not sold in kits. Their "JUST ROOF" building integrated systems entirely replace the roof and the panels become the roof. This can help to lower the cost of the system.<1*

This brand features three sizes of remote solar power kits (80, 160, & 320 watt). They are for off-grid operation but an optional 1500 watt dc to ac converter is available. They can be purchased online.*

The SOLAR ROOF systems are currently available in either textured or smooth tiles with tuscan and slate models soon to be released. The solar cells are virtually invisible from street level and are backed by a very good guarantee.<1*

The brand is made in China but does not offer complete kits. The DUO-MAX modules are frameless but their website is not much help.*

This brand offers a great option for the homeowner that wants to do the installation by themselves. The AC kits have built-in microinverters which are state of the art technology and provide for easy installation. The manufacturer encourages the diy-er and the kits are backed by a very good warranty.<1*

The SOLAR GENERATORS are available in two sizes but their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products.<1*

This brand is made in China. They offer basic panels as well as their PANDA SERIES high efficiency models. The power output warranty is good but the overall guarantee on the panels is not when compared to other brands.<1*

These systems are for off-grid applications. They offer three sizes of kits but do not include the battery banks. The systems are sold through dealers in the USA and Canada but their guarantee is not very good when compared to other brands.

Other PV System Brand Ratings

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