Residential Wind Power System Ratings part 6, Reviews of the Tairui, ThinAir, UGE, Unitron, Ventera, WindChallenge, WindMax, WindSide, WindSpot, and Winglette brands

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TAIRUI------- ---------<1*

These units are made in China and are available in sizes from 300 watts to 20 kilowatts. They offer both wire-guyed and free-standing towers and the units can be either grid-tie or off-grid. They use basic technology and the warranty is not as good as some other brands.<1*

The THINAIR 102 is a unique single blade horizontal upwind turbine. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for the units.*

The brand offers low revolution turbines with low noise that are easy to assemble/install. They are vertical helical turbines that are backed by a good warranty. They are more for larger commercial type applications.<1*

These horizontal downwind units are made and sold in India. They are backed by a decent warranty but they use very basic technology.<1*

This brand offers a hybrid system that combines a 10 kw horizontal tower mounted turbine with 2 kw solar panels. The VT10 wind turbine is for grid connection and produces 240 volt three phase power.<1*

These horizontal turbines are made in the Netherlands. They have pitching blades for enhanced performance but their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for the units.<1*

This brand is from WINDMAX GREEN ENERGY CORP. and they specialize in hybrid systems (H SERIES) that combine solar and wind power production. They have an electromagnetic over-speed control instead of mechanical furling for better, safer operation. The V SERIES units are standard horizontal down wind turbines with auto furling for over-speed control. The manufacturer's website does not have a stated warranty policy.<1*

These units are made in Finland by OY WINDSIDE PRODUCTION LTD and are sold in Europe and Asia through distributors. They offer six sizes of vertical turbines that are designed for off grid applications. The guarantee for the units is not very good unless they are purchased and installed by a professional.*

This brand features vertical wind turbines mounted on a hinged monopole for easier servicing. They have an integrated inverter for easier installation and are backed by a good warranty. They are sold through a dealer network.<1*

These horizontal upwind turbines are made in Spain by SONYKO ENERGY and are available worldwide. The units can be configured for either grid-tie or off-grid and are available in 4 sizes from 1.5 to 15 kw. The units feature advanced over speed protection (variable pitch) but the guarantee on the units is not very good.<1*

These units are made in South Africa and are tower mounted horizontal upwind turbines. The WO3 units are designed for low to medium wind speeds and use a battery bank for both grid tie and off grid applications. The warranty on the units is not very good when compared to other brands.

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