Smart Home System Ratings part 2, Reviews of the Insteon, Leviton, Logitech, Lowes, Loxone, Lutron, Mediacom, nCube, Nest, NetThings, and Nexia brands

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This brand uses dual band control for more reliable operation. This is where the signals are sent using wireless technology as well as the home's electrical wiring. The system works with the APPLE HOMEKIT, Amazon Echo, and NEST thermostat. They can be purchased directly through their website and are reasonably priced.<1*

The OMNI can control security, energy, and entertainment but requires professional integration.*

The Harmony Home Hub works with a variety of sensors. The unit is reasonably priced and simply turns your smartphone into a remote control for your entire home.<1*  

The IRIS control offers different kits for security, comfort, lighting, etc. The latest 2.0 version is much easier to use and the upgrade is free to existing customers. The basic monthly service is free while the premium service is fee based.<1*

Their "miniserver" is a relatively expensive hub.<1*

Their smart bridge is relatively expensive and requires professional installation. The hub does not control as many types of devices as other brands.<1*

Their HOME CONTROLLER is designed mostly for security applications with limited functional use as a real smart home controller. The components are pricey and they require a monthly fee.

nCUBE------  ------<1*

These hubs are made and sold in the U.K. They can be installed easily by homeowners and support a wide range of devices.<1*

NEST LABS is a part of GOOGLE and the Nest Learning Thermostat is replacing the first generation of smart home controllers. Through their Works With Nest program, more and more devices in and around the home from your car to you refrigerator are working with this thermostat. Although it is relatively expensive and not as functional as some of the other controllers, it is on the cutting edge and the developers are gaining quickly.<1*

These controllers provide real time energy monitoring and control of the home's heating system. The system uses multiple radio protocols but has limited uses in the home right now.<1*

This brand can use either their NEXIA BRIDGE or a premium thermostat from Trane or American Standard. The thermostats are only available through authorized HVAC dealers and the service requires a monthly fee and has limited functions.

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