Solar Water Heater Ratings part 12, Reviews of the Sidite, Skyline, Smart Solar, Solahart, Solar Hot, Solar Boiler, and Solar-Mio brands

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SIDITE-----  -------<1*

This brand is made in China by ZHEJIANG SIDITE NEW ENERGY COMPANY LTD. The units have all of the basic features including a backup electric heater for those cloudy days. The systems feature durable stainless steel inner tanks but the manufacturer's website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.*

This brand is available in the U.S. and Canada from ACR SOLAR INTERNATIONAL. The SKYLINE 5 systems are available for easy DIY installation with their no solder loop connections. The systems have a PV panel to power the pump so that regular electrical power is not required. They have an online store where you can purchase the systems and they are backed by a decent warranty. 


This brand is from ENERGY KINETICS and offers low profile panels and a closed loop system. The warranty is not very good and the manufacturer's website is not much help.<1*

This brand is from the PALOMA GROUP and is available worldwide but only through its authorized dealers. The STREAMLINE systems offer either electric or gas backup heaters but the guarantee on the solar collectors is not very good. 


This brand offers systems with durable stainless steel tanks but the warranty is not as good as many other brands. The SolVelox systems are designed to convert an existing water heater to a closed loop solar water heater with a unique pump, heat exchanger, and control unit all in one piece. Their website does not give you much help in purchasing the units.


These systems are made in Canada and are available in two sizes to match the needs of your home. The systems include a solar powered pump and they are backed by a very good warranty. The solar storage tank is not included in the package but you can use your old storage type water heater. 


The brand is a part of the ALBURY CONSOLIDATED GROUP and the systems are available in Australia. Their website is not much help and the warranty on the units is not very good. 

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