Solar Water Heater Ratings part 15, Reviews of the Sunverter, Tatano, Tecno, Tempest, Tesy, Thermomax, Thermor, & TiSun brands

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This brand is from SUNVOLT ENERGY INC. and offers packages that are designed for ease of installation and can be purchased directly online. Their SunVerter packages are designed to use your existing water heater.<1*

These systems use standard flat plate collectors and basic tank technology. Their website is not much help and the warranty on the systems is not very good when compared to other brands.<1*

This brand is from ITALTHERM and is made and sold in Italy. They have a heat sink to prevent overheating the collectors in all conditions but their website is not much help and their guarantee is not very good when compared to other brands.

TEMPEST----  ----5*

This brand works with MINT RENEWABLES to provide these complete systems. They offer both flat plate and evacuated tube collectors and feature durable stainless steel storage tanks. The brand is backed by a very good guarantee but they are only available in the U.K.<1*

The SOLO SYSTEMS kits are available in four sizes and use basic flat plate collectors. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products. They are made in Bulgaria and are available in Europe.<1*

This brand is a part of the KINGSPAN GROUP and is available worldwide. The systems include vacuum tube collectors so they are a good option for colder climates. They offer a variety of packages to suit the individual home with kits for sloped roof, flat roof, horizontal facade, ground, or awning installation. 

THERMOR  --<1*

These systems are made in France and sold in Europe. The BIOPACK units have two coils to allow for the connection of a boiler to the tank as a backup source of hot water. They are available in three sizes but they use enameled steel tanks which is old technology. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for these systems.<1*

The SWS packages have all of the required components but the warranty is not as good as many other brands. They feature easy plug and play installation and are sold throughout Europe.

Other Solar Water Heater Brand Ratings

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