Split System Geothermal Ratings part 2, Reviews of the Century, Climatemaster, Enviroteq, Geocomfort, and Geofurnace brands

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This brand is from HEAT CONTROLLER but is only sold through a limited dealer network in the USA. The GEOLOGIX line offers two stage units that are backed by a good warranty. marsdelivers.com


This brand is a subsidiary of LSB INDUSTRIES and is available through factory authorized dealers in the USA and Canada.

The outdoor models have all of the standard features and are a good choice for replacing an existing conventional air conditioner. They are backed by a good warranty. The indoor split models have all of the standard features but their warranty is not as good as some of the other brands. 

The TRANQUILITY DIGITAL models (shown here) feature variable speed loop pumps and communicating controls as well as two stage compressors for efficient operation. climatemaster.com

COMFORT AIRE -----2*----------NA

This is another brand from HEAT CONTROLLER which is a part of MARS. The HTS series offers two stages of compressor operation for efficiency and are backed by a decent warranty. marsdelivers.com


These heat pumps are designed to be used with the air handlers from other manufacturers. They have oversized heat exchangers for efficiency and have two compressors for staging and energy savings. The brand is a division of SUNTEQ LTD and the warranty is not very good. geothermalheatpump.com


This brand is from ENERTECH GLOBAL LLC and is available through dealers in the USA. The COMPASS series heat pumps are two stage models and feature Copeland UltraTech scroll compressors and appliance grade cabinets for durability. They offer an optional desuperheater for domestic hot water and the outdoor unit has built-in freeze protection. geocomfort.com


The MAGNUM SERIES heat pumps (shown here) feature scroll compressors and stainless steel cabinets for durability. They use a desuperheater to assist in domestic hot water production and are backed by a pretty good guarantee but their website is not much help. geofurnacemfg.com

Other Split System Geothermal Brand Ratings

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