Split System Geothermal Ratings part 3, Reviews of the Geostar, Hydron Module, Modine, Northern Heat Pump, and Spectrum brands

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GEOSTAR ----------<1*----------2*

These units are made by WATER FURNACE INTERNATIONAL. The ASTON split models offer all of the standard features and the outdoor models are available in a selection of colors. The units are only available through their dealer network and their website does not have a clear warranty policy. geostar-geo.com

HYDRON MODULE-----5*----------5*

This is another brand from ENERTECH GLOBAL LLC.

The REVOLUTION series units feature two stages of operation and durable Copeland UltraTech scroll compressors. The units have a desuperheater for domestic hot water production and are backed by an industry leading warranty. 



This brand offers units with oversized heat exchangers for increased capacity. They have two speed compressors for added comfort and EC blower motors for efficient and long lasting performance. Their MERV 13 air filters clean the air to provide better indoor air quality.

They are backed by a solid guarantee but are only available through authorized distributors in the USA and Canada. 



This brand is a part of ELECTRO INDUSTRIES INC. and is available throughout North America.

The NorthStar Series features a stainless steel cabinet for durability and a two stage compressor but the warranty is not very good when compared to other brands. northernheatpump.com


These heat pumps are available in the USA & Canada. Their compressor blanket, double isolated compressor mounting brackets, and triple layer cabinet insulation provide for very quiet operation. They feature two stage compressors and EC blower motors for efficient durable operation. The brand is backed by a good guarantee buut they are only available through a limited dealer network. spectrumgeothermal.com


This brand is manufactured by ENERTEC GLOBAL LLC. The ES4 series units feature a stainless steel drain pan to eliminate corrosion and durable Copeland scroll compressors. tetcogeo.com


The T2GE model is designed for outdoor installation with a good warranty while the T2GN units are mounted indoors. Their website is not much help and the units are only available through their dealer network. trane.com


The 5 SERIES units have all of the standard features and are backed by a good guarantee. waterfurnace.com

Other Split System Geothermal Brand Ratings

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