Steam Humidifier Ratings part 2, Reviews of the GeneralAire, Honeywell, Skuttle, Thermolec, Trion, White Rodgers, and York brands

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The RS25 models feature digital controls and have a capacity of 25-35 gallons/day. They can be duct mounted or remote mounted and are backed by a decent warranty.*

The TrueSteam units can provide steam to the home's ducts either directly or from a remote location. They have a lower capacity at 12 gallons/day but are backed by a good guarantee.*

This brand offers a variety of models but their warranty is not as good as other brands.* 

The ACUSTEAM humidifiers offer an optional modulating control and feature self cleaning elements. They have a durable stainless steel tank and an electronic humidistat with outdoor reset control. They are available in three sizes and are backed by a good warranty.*

The COMFORTSTEAM units are available in three sizes to match the needs of the home. They feature an electronic humidistat that adjusts operation based on outdoor air temperature. Their website does not have a stated guarantee for the units.


The HSP units are available in two sizes but have a relatively low output. They have a flushing timer and built in chlorine removal filter to ensure long life.*

This brand is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS. The AFFINITY SERIES offers a steam humidifier with a 23.3 GPD capacity. The units are backed by a good guarantee.

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