Stove Ratings part 10, Reviews of the Chazelles, Chesney's, Clean Air, Clean Burn, Clearview, and Clementi brands

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This brand is made in France and is sold throughout Europe as well as in the Middle East and Australia. They offer a variety of stoves in both modern and traditional styles. The ARDIDEN STAINLESS STEEL model has a very modern look and feel to it as well as a hidden wood storage bin in the bottom. They have an outdoor combustion air option but the warranty on the units is not as good as many other brands.


These stoves are sold in Canada and the USA as well as most of Europe. The brand offers a variety of models but their website is not much help and the guarantee on the units is not very good.


This brand is made and sold in Australia by DOUGLAS MANUFACTURING. They are clean burning with a refractory brick lined firebox. They have a large glass for viewing the fire and a three speed fan for circulating the heat throughout the room. The units are available in three sizes but their guarantee is not as good as many other brands.


This brand is from HUNTER STOVES LTD. They offer clean burning stoves in both traditional and modern styles. The warranty on the firebox is not as good as other brands.*

These stoves are made and sold in the U.K. They have a traditional look and feel to them and are refractory lined. An optional boiler can be attached to them to produce domestic hot water or to connect to the home's central heating system.

The SOLUTION range (shown here) has wood storage built into the bottom of the units. The guarantee on the firebox is not very good when compared to other brands.*

This brand is made in Italy and is sold throughout Europe. The ELITE models are available in both modern and classic styles. They have an oven for baking as well but their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.

Other Wood Stove Brand Ratings

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