Stove Ratings part 4, Reviews of the Arrow, Arte, Attika, Austroflamm, and Austwood brands

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These stoves are made in Australia by SHAMIC SHEETMETAL PTY LTD. The Freestanding units are available in two sizes and feature traditional styling. They are clean burning and have a three speed fan to circulate the heat throughout the room. The guarantee is not as good as many other brands and they are only available through authorized distributors in Australia.

ARTE--------  --1*

This brand is made in Greece and is available throughout Europe. The APOLLO AIR model is clean burning and features electronic controls. The unit can be ducted to provide heat to other rooms but the guarantee on the stove body is not very good when compared to other brands. The BOX model is lined with firebrick and has a large window for viewing the fire. The units can use outdoor air for combustion but their website does not have a stated guarantee for their products.*

The BIONIC FIRE stoves are automatic clean burning units. The COLUNA model has a soapstone surround to store the heat and release it slowly into the room. The brand offers a wide selection of stoves and their website has many pictures but very little useful information about their products.*

This brand has a wide variety of units available. They feature a patented "HEAT MEMORY SYSTEM" which is a special material that absorbs the heat and then slowly releases it into the room. The warranty on this brand is not very good and they are only sold through their international dealer network.*

These stoves are made in Australia and are also sold in Asia. This brand offers three sizes of units that are lined with firebrick for combustion efficiency. They also feature a three speed fan for enhanced air circulation in the room. The warranty (especially on the heat exchanger) is not as good as many other brands. They are available through BARBECUES GALORE stores throughout Australia.

Other Wood Stove Brand Ratings

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