Tankless Water Heater Ratings part 4, Reviews of the Titan, Trutankless, Vaillant, and Zip brands

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This brand is from NIAGARA INDUSTRIES and can be purchased directly through their website. They use dual electronic controls for very good temperature control but the warranty on the units is not very good.


This brand is from BOLLENTE COMPANIES INC. The TR SERIES units are stand alone water heaters with durable stainless steel elements and touchscreen LED control. The TB SERIES units are designed to be used as a backup to solar water heating systems. The units can be controlled from a smartphone and are easily integrated into a home automation system. They are backed by a good warranty. 

VAILLANT----  vaillant-export.com  ---<1*

The VED E EXCLUSIV models feature electronic controls. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products.


These water heaters are made in Germany by CLAGE and are sold in the U.K. and Australia.

The C series offers models with a 5 liter/min flowrate while the D series offers a higher (8 liters/min) rate. The units are wall-mounted and have electronic controls.

The warranty on the units is not very good when compared to other brands.

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