Thermostat Ratings part 10, Reviews of the Radio Thermostat, Regulus, Rheem, Robertshaw, and Ruud brands


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The CT80 has a large touch display and can be controlled over the internet. The units use geofencing from your smartphone to automatically adjust the hvac system for the balance between comfort and energy savings. For those in the USA, they can be purchased directly from their website but it does not have a stated warranty policy.


This brand is available in Europe. They offer basic electronic units that are battery powered and backed by a good guarantee.


This brand offers thermostats that can be set to where they are non-programmable but they do not offer the basic non-programmable units. The 213 model is a control that can be used with heat pumps as well as furnace/ac systems. They can be battery operated or hardwired for flexibility in installation and are backed by a good warranty. The 412 & 422 models are ultimate thermostats with touchscreen controls and they are designed for operating modulating furnaces. The 550 model is a communicating control that can maximize the efficiency and comfort of the home's hvac systems when combined with their top of the line models of hvac equipment. Their ECONET control center is a premium thermostat that is designed to work with future generations of smart water heaters.


This brand has a wide selection of units to fit any application. The 9801i2 is a premium thermostat for single stage systems and offers seven day programming with scheduling of up to six events per day. The 9701i2 is a basic model with most of the same features but it does not control the indoor humidity. The units have a trilingual (French, Spanish, English) display and they are backed by a good guarantee.


This brand is a part of RHEEM MANUFACTURING. The 200 series features premium thermostats that can be either 5-2 or 7 day programmable for convenience. The 500 series offers advanced thermostats that can communicate with the different parts of the heating and cooling systems to maximize efficiency all year long. They are backed by a good warranty. Their ECONET control center is a premium thermostat that is designed to work with future generations of smart water heaters.

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