Thermostat Ratings part 12, Reviews of the Trane, Ultra Zone, Venstar, and Westinghouse brands



The XL60 series controls offer 5+2 programming for either single or two stage systems while the XL 80 series offers seven day programming. They are battery powered for easier installation and are backed by a pretty good guarantee. The XL900 is a premium thermostat with a built-in outdoor sensor and the ability to communicate with the other parts of the home's HVAC systems to maximize efficiency and comfort all year long. The COMFORTLINK II XL950 series has Wi-Fi connectivity for room by room control of comfort settings and when it is not in use it becomes a digital picture frame. The COMFORTLINK II XL850 has a built-in bridge to their NEXIA smart home system but it does not have zoning ability. All of their thermostats are backed by a very good guarantee but they are only available for installation by their authorized dealers.

ULTRA-ZONE -----------------1*-----------NA

These thermostats are from EWC CONTROLS INC. and feature a seven day programmable model that uses a touchscreen. The standard model (EWT-3102) has all the standard features including maintenance reminders and adaptive intelligent recovery control. The EWT-3103 model also incorporates a humidity sensor to provide better dehumidification control.


This brand has slimline and "small footprint" units for better looks on the wall. The T7800 is a basic model that is flexible enough to work with most of the common HVAC systems in American homes. The COLORTOUCH T7900 is a premium model that has built-in WI-FI access and customizable wall papers as well as the ability to become a digital picture frame when not in use. The warranty on the units is not very good and the brand is only available in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


The 80 SERIES thermostats are basic touchscreen units and are available in either single or two stage versions so you have to make sure you get the right one for your need. The 90 SERIES units are programmable and feature a large touchscreen. The PR01 T955 is a wireless unit that is programmable and works with dual fuel heating systems. The brand is from Nordyne but the warranty is not very good unless you buy an entire hvac system when you get the thermostat. Their iQ DRIVE controller is a premium thermostat that works with their premium systems to deliver ultimate comfort and energy savings.

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