Thermostat Ratings part 13, Reviews of the Vantage, Wexcel, White Rodgers, and York brands



The brand is from LEGRAND and their CC-STAT is a communicating thermostat that integrates into their smart home system. The unit works with most kinds of HVAC systems and features touchscreen control but their website is not much help. The brand is only available through authorized dealers.


These thermostats are made in China and the brand offers a wide variety of electronic controls. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.

WHITE RODGERS-----------3*-----------2*

This brand has a wide range of models available backed by a strong warranty. The UP400 is a seven day programmable thermostat with a large touchscreen and a backlit display. The unit works with virtually any common HVAC system and is backed by a pretty good guarantee. 

The UP500W is a Wi-Fi connected thermostat that is battery powered for flexibility installation. The units are available at hardware/home improvement stores and online.


"THE Thermostat" is a basic control that can be either programmable or non-programmable. It has a backlit display and a good warranty. The LX thermostat is an easy to use premium seven day programmable unit. The Affinity communicating control is a state of the art control system featuring a high definition touch screen and plug and play installation. The unit can control all aspects of home comfort and even allows you to adjust the speed of the fan in 1% increments. The brand is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS and is only sold through its factory authorized network of dealers.

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