Thermostat Ratings part 2, Reviews of the Amana, American Standard, Aprilaire, and Arcoaire brands



This brand name is licensed to GOODMAN MANUFACTURING which is a part of DAIKIN GLOBAL. The TSTATA models are basic programmable thermostats with remote access via Wi-Fi. They are suitable for most low voltage applications and have a touchscreen but their warranty is not very good. The COMFORTNET CTK04 control is a modulating thermostat that has the ability to communicate with the other parts of an Amana HVAC system to maximize efficiency and they are backed with a very good guarantee.

AMERICAN STANDARD-------4*----------3*

The SILVER 620 CONTROL is a basic 5 + 2 programmable thermostat while the SILVER 624 allows independent seven day programs as well as remote access with a smartphone. They both automatically switch from heat to cool for year long comfort and they are backed by a good guarantee. The ACCULINK PLATINUM 850 is a premium control for the home as a whole while the 950 model has the ability to control zones. They have the ability to communicate with the other components of the system to maximize efficiency and comfort. The thermostats use a color touchscreen and are backed by a good warranty but they are only sold and installed by authorized dealers. The brand is a part of INGERSOLL RAND.


This brand offers a wide variety of thermostats. The MODEL 8463 is a basic thermostat that is suitable for standard heating and cooling systems while the 8465 is for heat pump systems. They allow for 5 + 2 or seven day programming and are backed by a good guarantee. 

The 8910W model is an ultimate thermostat with a touchscreen and Wi-Fi access but it looks more like a traditional thermostat while the 8920W has a  modern look to it. They only have an average guarantee and are only sold and installed by authorized dealers.

ARCOAIRE --------------------3*-----------3*

This brand is from INTERNATIONAL COMFORT PRODUCTS which is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES. The TSTAT0406 is a basic programmable thermostat that will automatically switch between heating and cooling. They can be used with any HVAC system with low voltage controls. The OBSERVER COMMUNICATING WALL CONTROL has the ability to control either a zoned system or standard HVAC systems and has Wi-Fi access. The control requires a special board if the thermostat is going to be used with non-communicating equipment. They are backed by a very good warranty but must be installed by their dealers.

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