Thermostat Ratings part 5, Reviews of the Control, Crestron, CTC, Daikin, Day & Night, Ecobee, and Emerson brands



The M3102 is a basic programmable thermostat with touchscreen controls while the M6004 is a premium model that controls ventilation and humidity as well as temperature. The brand is made in China and is imported to North america by CANARM which is based in Canada. The guarantee on the thermostats is not very good when compared to other brands.


This brand offers units that can operate independently or as part of their home automation systems. The CHV-THSTAT model has a built in humidistat while the CHV-TSTAT is a simple programmable digital thermostat. They do not offer a unit that controls fresh air to the home but the units are backed by a good warranty.


This brand is from SUPCO and offers a variety of models. They use battery power and have programmable as well as non-programmable models. The warranty is very good on the units.


Their TOUCHSCREEN model can be switched between programmable and not programmable operation. The COMFORTNET (CTK04) communicating thermostat is WI-FI enabled and works with their indoor and outdoor components to maximize efficiencyThe brand is only sold and installed by their authorized dealers.

DAY & NIGHT ---------------1*----------3*

This brand is a part of INTERNATIONAL COMFORT PRODUCTS which is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES. The TSTAT0406 is a basic seven day programmable model with automatic switching between heating and cooling. The OBSERVER COMMUNICATING WALL CONTROL has all of the standard features and is backed by a good warranty. The control requires a special board if the thermostat is going to be used with non-communicating equipment. The brand is only sold and installed by their authorized dealers.


The ECOBEE3 is enabled for Apple's HomeKit smart home control system. The systems are very smart and their HOME iQ feature will show you how much energy you save each month. They can be purchased directly from their website but the cost of the units is relatively high and their warranty is not as good as other brands.


The SENSI model is a basic battery operated Wi-Fi compatible thermostat that works with most low voltage hvac systems. They have a free app that allows access to the unit from anywhere and the units can be purchased directly through the website. The 1F95-1291 is a premium model but is only available through professionals.  

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