Thermostat Ratings part 8, Reviews of the Lennox, Leviton, Lockstate, Lux, and Luxaire brands



The Comfortsense 3000 series offers a basic digital thermostat that is easy to operate and will work with many types of systems. The iCOMFORT S30 is a premium thermostat that has a nice 7" HD color touchscreen and uses geofencing technology to adjust the hvac system to fit your busy schedule. The control monitors the outside air quality reports for your location and operates the system fan as necessary to maintain good indoor air quality. It also measures the home's humidity level and adjusts system operation to provide superior comfort. With its communicating ability, the thermostat can talk to the other parts of a Lennox brand hvac system to maximize efficiency and it also allows your local dealer to access your system for diagnostic purposes and to make performance adjustments. The brand is only sold and installed by authorized dealers and the guarantee on their products is only average.


The OMNISTAT 2 works with just about any HVAC system and can be integrated into a smart home system. The units are available in either wired or wireless models to make for easy installation in any home. They can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's website but their warranty is not very good when compared to other brands.


The LS-60i works with standard furnaces and heat pumps and is powered by the system. They have separate programs for each day and four time periods within the day as well as touchscreen controls. The LS-90i is a premium thermostat with humidification and dehumidification control as well as Wi-Fi access. The brand can be purchased directly from their website or at many home improvement stores but their guarantee is not as good as other brands.


This brand offers a wide selection of basic thermostats designed for the DIY market. 

The TX9100U is a battery powered seven day programmable unit with a traditional interface while the TX9600TS is a modern touchscreen thermostat. They can be purchased online or at various home improvement stores and are backed by a pretty good warranty. 

They are dual powered (from both the system and AA batteries) which provides flexibility in installation and they offer smart recovery for energy savings.


This brand is from UNITARY PRODUCTS GROUP which is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS. The LX SERIES is a good basic unit with a large screen display and a good warranty. For a more modern appearance and user experience, the CTS series thermostat operates with swipe control much like a modern smartphone. The Acclimate Residential Communicating Control is a premium thermostat that has a high definition touchscreen and all of the standard features. The unit is WI-FI compatible and can control up to six different zones but it is only backed by an average guarantee when compared to other brands.

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