Whole House Fan Ratings part 3, Reviews of the Superfan, Tamarack, Triangle Fan, and Whole House Fan brands

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This brand is from R.E. WILLIAMS CONTRACTOR INC. and is a part of their EnergySaver ducted system. The unit has an advanced backward curved fan for quiet operation and four 8 inch inlets so that air can be removed from four rooms. It has an available optional variable speed controller and a timer for automatic control. The systems can be purchased directly through their website. energysavercooling.com


The HV1600 has motorized doors with R-38 insulation for energy savings. The unit has two speeds and dual motors and can be controlled by remote. The INFINITY 1100CQ is a ducted unit but the warranty is not as good as some other brands. The units can be purchased directly through their website and even includes free shipping in the continental USA. tamtech.com

TRIANGLE FAN-------4*------------NA

The "Comfort Cooler" models are belt drive units. They are available in one or two speed fan units and five sizes. The "Comfort Aide" models are direct drive units and are available in two sizes. The units are made in the USA and have a ten year parts warranty. trianglefans.com

WHOLE HOUSE FAN---4*------------NA

This brand is available in California and offers basic units that are backed by a very good guarantee. Their "zephyr blade" has six blades which allows the fan to run slower and quieter than traditional four blade units. whfan.com

Other Whole House Fan Brand Ratings

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