Window AC Ratings part 6, Reviews of the Frigidaire, Frizair, Frostar, GE, and General brands

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This brand is made by Electrolux and is available in North America. The units are available in window mount, through the wall, and casement(sliding) models. They feature digital controls and a remote as well as a three speed fan.

 The GALLERY "smart" model can be controlled through your smartphone and features slanted louvers that direct the air in an upward circular motion which provides for more even cooling throughout the room. Their magnetic closure system makes it much easier to remove and reinstall the air filter and the "easy install window kit" features insulated side panels that reduce air leaks for more efficient operation. The warranty on parts other than the compressor is not very good and the units are only available through authorized

Frigidaire Gallery


This brand is made in China by SHUN HING ELECTRIC WORKS and offers units with basic electromechanical controls. They have coated condenser coils for corrosion resistance as well as activated carbon and silver ion dust filters for better indoor air quality.

They are available in five sizes but their website does not have a stated guarantee for their products.


This brand offers a wide variety of units to suit your individual needs. They offer units for either 115 volt or 230 volt circuits with either electro-mechanical or digital controls. They can be purchased through a wide selection of retailers but the warranty on the units is not very good when compared to other brands.

General AXGT24FHTA


This brand is only available through authorized dealers in India and the warranty includes quarterly service. The units have swing louvers with a "superwave operation" where the sweeping range can be adjusted for applications where the unit is installed in the corner of the room. They have a deodorant/antibacterial filter for better indoor air quality as well as electronic controls and tropicalized compressors with compressor insulation blankets for quieter operation.

Other Window AC Brand Ratings

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