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Window Air Conditioner Maintenance, A Step By Step Guide

With this window air conditioner maintenance guide, you will be able to do the routine servicing of your unit. This will save you money in operating cost as well as from less repairs. A typical HVAC service company would probably charge around $100/hour for a service call.

**NOTE** Only you can assess your ability to perform this task. This is a guide and cannot provide all of the details for every situation.

At least once per year, your room air conditioner maintenance should include removing the unit from its case.

You should begin by disconnecting the power cord from the outlet.

Next, the filter should be removed from the grille on the front of the unit. Then the grille should be removed by lifting and/or pulling it out from the unit. In some cases, there are screws holding it in place.

The filter should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or warm soapy water.

** This should also be done every two weeks during cooling operation**

After the grille is removed, there may be a couple of screws with clips in the front of the unit at the bottom. These clips hold the unit in the case and must be removed. After they are removed, the unit can be slid out the front of the case.

**It is a good idea to have a helper to slide the unit out and lift it.**

Window Air Conditioner Maintenance, Coil Cleaning

Now, the unit should be taken outside and the coils should be cleaned. This can be done with vacuum cleaner or water. If you use water from a hose, be careful to not bend the small fins on the coil. It is best to hold the nozzle at about a 45 degree down angle. After the coils are cleaned, you should let the unit dry if you used water.

While you are cleaning the unit, look for signs of oil on the inside of the unit. This is an indication of a refrigerant leak. You should also look for signs of the refrigerant tubing rubbing on other surfaces. This can wear a hole in the tubing and cause a refrigerant leak.

While the unit is out of the case, it is a good idea to check to make sure the case is mounted properly. It should be slightly tilted to the outside for proper condensate removal.

You should complete your window air conditioner maintenance by returning the unit to its case. It is a simple matter of reversing the removal steps.

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