Wood Furnace Ratings part 4, Reviews of the Royall, Shaver, Shelter, Thermo-Control, US Stove, Woodchuck, and Yukon Eagle brands

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These furnaces can burn wood or coal and can be purchased online from the manufacturer. They offer three sizes of indoor models to match the heating requirements of your home. A stainless steel domestic hot water coil is offered as an option. The 9150 is an outdoor furnace with a ceramic lined combustion chamber for clean burning. The unit is backed by a good guarantee. royallfurnace.com


The THERMOWIND 1000 uses induced draft combustion for better efficiency. They offer insulated air ducts as well that can be buried which makes for a more appealing installation. They can be purchased directly from the manufacturer and installed by yourself but the warranty is not very good when compared to other brands. shaver-woodfurnace.com


This brand is made in the USA and sold at discount home improvement stores. They can burn wood or coal but the warranty (especially on the firebox) is not very good. shelterfurnace.com


This brand offers furnaces in three sizes that use gasification technology for clean, efficient burning. The standard units are made to be added to an existing heating system but, with an optional blower, they can be a stand-alone system. They are backed by a pretty good warranty as well. nationalstoveworks.com

US STOVE-------------------NA-----------2*

These are basic models. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. usstove.com


This brand is made by MEYER MANUFACTURING CORP. The units use catalytic combustion which means more maintenance. the units are available in three sizes and can burn coal as well as wood. They offer an optional hot water coil but the warranty on the units is not very good. woodchuckfurnace.com

YUKON EAGLE--------------<1*-----------NA

These furnaces are made by ALPHA AMERICAN COMPANY and can be purchased directly from them. The KLONDIKE can burn wood or coal and is lined with firebrick. The units have a durable stainless steel secondary heat exchanger and a solid state control. yukon-eagle.com

Other Wood Furnace Brand Ratings

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