Zone System Ratings, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

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With our zone system ratings, you can cut through all the sales hype and find value. It truly is as if you were taking a repairman (Hvacrepairguy) with you while you shop! We have searched the manufacturers' literature and compared the brands using our years of HVAC industry service experience. We have given you our top pick followed by a complete list of manufacturers and their ratings.

These reviews are for systems that work with a traditional forced air heating and/or cooling system.

World's Best HVAC Zone System: 

Our top pick is the ECOVENT system. They offer wireless systems that are easy to install and can be controlled through your smartphone. Although they are really simple to install, they are only available through their "authorized installers" which does not make any sense for a high tech company.

Other Zone System Ratings

We continue our zone system ratings with an alphabetical list of manufacturers and reviews of their products.


This brand offers traditional wired systems as well as systems that can be controlled by a wireless thermostat. The GLADIOLA plastic damper system with the ALFASMART control is a modulating damper that opens or closes to varying degrees based on the difference between room temperature and the desired temperature. This is state of the art technology but their guarantee is not very good when compared to other brands.


The ACCULINK systems are traditional wired systems which take more time to install but they have state of the art modulating dampers. The zones are controlled by their PLATINUM ZV control which combines a state of the art thermostat with the ability to be a part of the overall smart home system. The brand is a part of INGERSOLL RAND and is only sold through dealers.*

These traditional zone systems are sold through dealers and have a lifetime warranty. The MPS systems are basic zone systems for single stage heating and cooling while the HeatPumPro systems are for traditional heat pumps and the GTPro are specifically designed for geothermal systems. Their EzySlide dampers make for an easy retrofit but the systems are only available and installed by HVAC professionals.*

These zone systems are available in 2, 3 or 4 zone models. They are traditional systems that are only installed by approved contractors. The 4 zone model (140404) is expandable and can serve up to 32 zones but the warranty on the systems is not as good as other brands.

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