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Air Conditioner Maintenance

With some really basic air conditioner maintenance you will save money. This guide will help you to take care of your ducted split system air conditioner.

There are several benefits to having a properly maintained system. First, a properly maintained system will last longer because it does not have to work as hard. A new system will cost thousands of dollars. Next, a properly maintained unit will run more efficiently which will save you money every day. In a clean unit, the refrigerant pressures and temperatures are typically lower. This means that the compressor does not require as much power to pump the refrigerant therefore your electric bill is lower. The third benefit is that your home will be more comfortable. A unit that is not properly maintained cannot remove the humidity from the home's air as effectively. This usually leads to a clammy sticky feeling in the home as well as higher electric bills. Lastly, is the fact that a properly maintained unit is less likely to breakdown. This saves money on repair parts and service calls. Most heating and air conditioning companies as well as many utility companies offer service contracts. They can cost from $200-$500 depending on the type and the company. With a little help, you can perform the necessary maintenance (and keep that money)! Many times homeowners spend that money every year out of fear that the unit will require repair. After a few years, you have actually spent enough to buy a new system.

AC Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

This link will send you to our guide for maintaining your ductless mini split unit. You can also use our window ac maintenance guide if you have a window or through the wall air conditioner.