Gas Fireplace Insert Ratings, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

With our gas fireplace insert ratings, you can cut through all the sales hype and find value. We have searched the manufacturers' literature and compared the brands. Using our many years of HVAC industry service experience, we have developed our simple system of ratings. It truly is as if you were taking a repairman with you while you shop! We have given you our top pick followed by a complete list of manufacturers and their ratings.

 World's Best Gas Insert: 

Our top choice for a gas fireplace insert is the MENDOTA brand from JOHNSON GAS APPLIANCE CO. The D SERIES offers two sizes (30,000 or 40,000 btu) of basic units. The FULLVIEW models feature remote controlled operation with a thermostat built into the remote control. In the "Smart Thermostat" operating mode, the flames are modulated to provide long even burning for maximum comfort. The units have an accent light to improve the ambiance. The brand is backed by a very good guarantee.

Other Gas Fireplace Insert Ratings

We continue our gas fireplace insert ratings with an alphabetical list of manufacturers and reviews of their products.



This brand is from EMPIRE COMFORT SYSTEMS and is available throughout North America. The LOFT SERIES offers two sizes of direct vent and vent free units with either millivolt or intermittent pilot controls.*

This brand is available in Canada and the USA. They offer direct vent inserts in a variety of sizes. The EURO 25 is a compact model that is designed to fit into most B vent gas openings. The larger units feature their "fiber flame technology" which provides a rich glow from the embers when the unit heats up. This brand is backed by a very good warranty.<1*

This brand is from TRAVIS INDUSTRIES and is available in the USA and Canada. The DVS GSR model is a standard vent unit with an output of up to 31,000 btu and it has a circulation blower. The Ember-Fyre split-flow burner gives it a realistic flame and the comfort control feature allows you to turn off half of the burner to prevent overheating the room but still allow viewing the fire. It includes the "GreenSmart" modulating remote control which automatically adjusts the fire characteristics to maintain a set temperature as sensed by the remote. The DVL GSR is a direct vent model. The warranty (especially on the heat exchanger) is not as good as many brands.


These units are available through dealers in North America. The TORINO II units feature a remote control, variable speed fan, and variable flame heights. The units have a modern curved front and a good overall warranty but the guarantee on the firebox is prorated.

Other Gas Fireplace Insert Brand Ratings

You can continue to browse our alphabetical list of manufacturers but, if you are searching for a specific brand, you can enter its name in the search box at the top of the page.