Gas Tankless Water Heater Ratings, A Repairman Reviews The Brands... 

With our gas tankless water heater ratings, you can cut through all of the sales hype and find value. We have researched the brands from every part of the world and using our years of HVAC industry service experience provided our unique system of ratings. It truly is like taking a repairman with you while you shop! We have given you our top picks followed by a complete list of manufacturers and their ratings.

Top Basic Unit:

Our top pick in the basic category is the OME 514-PV-ZP from Omega 2000 Corp. The units have a power vent for flexible installation and feature two stage electronic controls for added fuel savings. They are also backed by a very good warranty.

World's best gas tankless water heater:

The best high efficiency gas tankless water heater is from INTELLIHOT. These water heaters feature a smart control that learns the hot water use of the home and programs itself for energy savings. They feature a stainless steel heat exchanger for durability and are available in two sizes. They have built-in recirculation for water savings and are backed by a very good guarantee.

Other Gas Tankless Water Heater Ratings

We continue our gas tankless water heater ratings with an alphabetical list of manufacturers and reviews of their products.



These water heaters are made in India and are available in three sizes. They are only for LPG and have mechanical controls with 1.5V batteries for ignition. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.


This brand is a part of A. O. Smith and offers a wide selection of units in both indoor and outdoor mounted units. Their unique air-fuel ratio sensor monitors and optimizes combustion efficiency and the units are backed by a good guarantee.


The FASTFLO water heaters are available in both indoor and outdoor models. They feature capacity modulation and a flowrate of up to 15 liters/minute. The brand is a part of BAXI commercial and the units have a durable copper heat exchanger but the warranty is not very good when compared to other brands.

AO SMITH-----------4*------------------5*

This brand offers a wide selection of units for both indoor and outdoor installation. The high efficiency models use durable copper and stainless steel heat exchangers. All of their units are backed by a very good warranty but they must be installed by a professional.

Other Gas Tankless Water Heater Brand Ratings

You can continue to browse our alphabetical list of manufacturers but, if you are searching for a specific brand, you can enter its name in the search box at the top of the page.