Gas Water Heater Ratings, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

With our gas water heater ratings, you can cut through all the sales hype and find value. We have researched the manufacturers' data and combined that information with our years of service experience in the hvac industry to provide our unique rating system. It truly is like taking a repairman with you while you shop.

These reviews are for units that burn natural or propane gas to heat a tank of water (at least 30 gallons) for domestic consumption. They are commonly called whole house storage water heaters. 

We have given you our top picks followed by a complete list of manufacturers and reviews of their products.

Best Basic Gas Water Heater:

The WHIRLPOOL brand offers a wide variety of gas fired units but their high-efficiency sixth sense models are top of the line. They feature electronic ignition controls as well as an automatic flue damper and they are backed by a very good warranty. The units can be purchased through LOWES home improvement stores in the USA.

World's Best Gas Storage Water Heater

Our top pick for high efficiency (condensing) units is the PHOENIX LIGHT DUTY models from HTP.  They have all stainless steel construction and built-in condensate neutralizing for durability. They have electronic modulating control for energy savings and are backed by a very good warranty.

Other Gas Water Heater Ratings

We continue our gas water heater ratings with an alphabetical list of manufacturers and reviews of their products.



This brand is from AO SMITH and is sold in home improvement/hardware stores. The POWERFLEX models are direct vent units with built-in heat traps. They use basic tank technology and the guarantee is not as good as some of the other brands. The POLARIS range offers condensing models with a factory provided tempering valve and self diagnostic controls. They are available in two sizes (34 or 50 gallon) but the guarantee on parts other than the tank is not as good as other brands.

AMERICAN STANDARD----5*------------NA

This brand offers basic units with glass lined tanks. They are self cleaning and have factory installed heat traps to reduce the heat loss in the home's water pipes. They are basic atmospheric combustion units but they are backed by a good warranty.

AO SMITH-------------4*-----------------4*

The CONSERVATIONIST series has an auto sediment cleaning system but the warranty on the tank is not as good as many brands. The VERTEX POWER DIRECT VENT and VERTEX POWER-VENT are high efficiency gas fired models that are backed by a very good warranty. They have advanced electronic controls but use basic enameled tank technology.

Other Gas Water Heater Brand Ratings

You can continue to browse our alphabetical list of manufacturers but, if you are searching for a specific brand, you can enter its name in the search box at the top of the page.