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With our humidifier ratings, you can cut through all the sales hype and find the best value. We have searched the world and compared the brands using our service experience to create our unique system of ratings. It truly is like taking a repairman with you while you shop!

These humidifier reviews are for units that are integrated into a home's air duct system and put moisture into the air without producing steam. These are usually used on gas, oil, or electric furnace systems. For heat pump systems or very large houses, you will want a steam humidifier.

If you do not have a forced air heating system, you will want to use our ratings of portable units.

Our simple system of stars allows you to quickly compare the brands. We have given each brand a ranking of from 1 to 5 stars.


AIR KING----------NA---------1*---------4*

This brand is a part of LASKO and is available in Canada. The drum type unit has a capacity of 15 gallons per day (gpd). The flow thru type is available in either an 18 gpd or 12 gpd size. These units have a built in heat sensor so that they do not require wiring to the furnace. They only have manual controls and therefore you must adjust them based on the outside air temperature.


This brand is a part of INGERSOLL RAND company. The PLATINUM large bypass (16.8 gpd) units have automatic control that measures the outside air temperature. The  SILVER small bypass unit (12 gpd) is manually controlled. The units are backed by a very good guarantee.


These units have automatic digital control. The model 350/360 is a self contained unit that is a good solution for homes without an hvac duct system (such as homes with baseboard heating).  

The MODEL 400 is a water saving model that uses advanced technology so that all of the water is used. The unit does not require a drain which makes it easier to install. The MODEL 700A is a powered model for larger homes. They are backed by a very good warranty. The brand is a part of RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP and must be installed by professionals or their warranty is void.


This brand is from BEST AIR PRO. The MODEL 200G is a drum type humidifier with a 15GPD capacity. The MODEL 250G is a bypass flow through type with a capacity of 18GPD. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for the units.

Other Humidifier Brand Ratings

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