If you do not have a forced air heating system, you will want to use our ratings of portable units.

Our simple system of stars allows you to quickly compare the brands. We have given each brand a ranking of from 1 to 5 stars.


AIR KING----------NA---------1*---------4*

This brand is a part of LASKO and is available in Canada. The drum type unit has a capacity of 15 gallons per day (gpd). The flow thru type is available in either an 18 gpd or 12 gpd size. These units have a built in heat sensor so that they do not require wiring to the furnace. They only have manual controls and therefore you must adjust them based on the outside air temperature. airkinglimited.com


This brand is a part of INGERSOLL RAND company. The PLATINUM large bypass (16.8 gpd) units have automatic control that measures the outside air temperature. The  SILVER small bypass unit (12 gpd) is manually controlled. The units are backed by a very good guarantee. americanstandardair.com


These units have automatic digital control. The model 350/360 is a self contained unit that is a good solution for homes without an hvac duct system (such as homes with baseboard heating).  

The MODEL 400 is a water saving model that uses advanced technology so that all of the water is used. The unit does not require a drain which makes it easier to install. The MODEL 700A is a powered model for larger homes. They are backed by a very good warranty. The brand is a part of RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP and must be installed by professionals or their warranty is void. aprilaire.com


This brand is from BEST AIR PRO. The MODEL 200G is a drum type humidifier with a 15GPD capacity. The MODEL 250G is a bypass flow through type with a capacity of 18GPD. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for the units. bestairpro.com


This brand offers units with capacities of 12, 17, or 18 gallons/day. They offer units with basic mechanical controls or digital automatic humidity controls. They are backed by a good warranty.  braeburnonline.com


This brand is from UNITED TECHNOLOGIES. They have two capacities of units available in both the powered models as well as the bypass flow through units. bryant.com


This brand is also from UNITED TECHNOLOGIES. They have two capacities of units available in both the powered models as well as the bypass flow through units. Their water saving bypass model uses a paper water panel for 100% water usage.  carrier.com

CLEAN COMFORT-NA---------5*--------NA

This brand is from DAIKIN GLOBAL. The HE SERIES offers three sizes of units and is backed by a very good guarantee. The "A" models feature automatic setpoint adjustment based on outdoor air temperature while the "M" models have manual controls. cleancomfort.com


The ECHELON SERIES offers basic humidifiers that are backed by a good guarantee. The brand is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS. colemanac.com

DESERT SPRING--NA---------1*---------4*

This brand has an auto flush function which flushes the unit every 48 hours. They have an optional electronic control. They can be purchased online, from home improvement stores, or through dealers. Their unique rotary disc model uses a set of polycarbonate discs and provides water savings. The unit is also very good for lower temperature heating systems such as heat pumps and geothermal systems. Their pulsed bypass flow through unit saves water by electronically allowing water flow for 2-3 seconds and then shutting it off for 30 seconds.  desertspringproducts.com


This brand has a wide range of models available but they use a manual control. dornbackfurnace.com


This brand is from NORDYNE and offers basic units. The manufacturer's website is no help and they only have an average warranty.  frigidaire.net


This brand is from GENERAL FILTERS INC. and is available in the U.S.A. and in Canada. They have a wide array of units available and most of them are backed with an industry leading warranty. (The warranty on the drum type is not very good and it uses manual control.) They have a dealer locator by zip code on their website.  generalaire.com


This brand is from BEST AIR PRO. The MODEL 2500 has a patented diverter so that a bypass duct is not required so it is easier to install. It has a capacity of 18 GPD. The GH3200 model is a traditional bypass unit with a rated output of 19.5 GPD. Their website does not have a stated warranty policy. bestairpro.com


The flow through unit (model 12HF) uses electronic pulsed water control which provides significant water savings. They have a plug in transformer for easy installation and are available at home centers or online. hamiltonhomeproducts.com


This brand is from AIR SYSTEMS COMPONENTS INC. The 707 Model is a centrifugal atomizing unit that can be installed on the HVAC system return duct. It has no pads or filters so it requires less maintenance than other models. The 465-C1 is a drum type unit while the COMFORTBREEZE units are flow through models. All of the models plug into an outlet for easy installation and come with a standard manual humidistat. trioninc.com


The HE280 is a bypass flow through unit with water saving technology but the warranty is not as good as some brands. The HE120 is a drum type unit for cases where there is not an available floor drain. It has a higher rating because fewer and fewer manufacturers are still using this old technology for health reasons. The HE360 is a do it yourself powered unit for larger homes but the warranty is not as good as some brands. The TrueEase HE300 has a much better guarantee but must be installed by a HVAC professional. It has water saving technology so that the unit only operates when it is necessary. honeywellstore.com


This brand is from ADAMS MANUFACTURING and is available in the USA and Canada. They offer a wide variety of models to fit most any need but their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. adamsmanufacturing.com


The HCWP is a powered model with an output of 18 gallons per day. The HCWB units are bypass units and are available in 12 or 17 gallon per day sizes which is adequate for smaller homes. All of the units in the HEALTHY CLIMATE line offer automatic controls and are backed by a good warranty. lennox.com


This brand uses a unique "pulsed flow thru" design which saves on the amount of water used. A timer turns the water on for 4 seconds and then off for 30 seconds. This ensures that the pad stays wet but prevents water from being wasted. They can be purchased online. lifebreath.com


The ACCLIMATE humidifiers offer either a manual or automatic humidity control and are backed by a good warranty. They have a capacity of from 12 to 18 gallons per day. luxaire.com


These humidifiers have all of the standard features and come with a manual humidistat. The warranty is not very good unless you purchase an entire hvac system from them at the same time. nutonehvac.com


This brand has a wide variety of models available. They offer three sizes of basic bypass flow through models. The model 45 & 90 are drum type units with a stainless steel cabinet. They also offer both flow-thru and drum type units that can be mounted on the underside of the supply duct. skuttle.com


This brand offers one size of powered humidifier and two sizes of flow thru units. The warranty on the units is not as good as some of the other brands. totaline.com


This brand is a part of INGERSOLL RAND. The THUMD500 is a powered humidifier with automatic control. The THUMD200 is a small bypass unit that uses manual control while the THUMD300 is large and has an automatic control. The units are backed by a very good warranty and have an optional outdoor sensor. trane.com


The CB100S is a fan powered unit that has smart water saving technology and an automatic control with outdoor temperature sensor. The COMFORTBREEZE CB300/CB300S models are flow through units with a capacity of up to 22 gallons per day.  trioniaq.com


This brand is from NORDYNE. They offer powered or bypass flow through units with a manual control. The warranty on the units is only good if you purchase a complete HVAC system at the same time.. westinghousehvac.com

WHITE RODGERS--2*---------1*--------4*

This brand is from EMERSON CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES which is a division of EMERSON ELECTRIC CO. The COMFORT PLUS series offers a wide selection of units.  white-rodgers.com


This brand is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS. The AFFINITY units use a manual control and offer an optional automatic control while the steam unit uses a digital automatic humidistat. The powered model is only available in one size (18gpd) while the bypass units are available in two sizes (12 or 17 gpd).  york.com

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