Heat Pump Ratings, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

With our heat pump ratings you can cut through the sales hype and find value. It really is like taking a repairman with you while you shop. These ratings are for air source, ducted central HVAC systems. We have given you our top picks followed by our reviews of all of the brands.


If you want a shorter version, check out our TOP TEN picks for central heat pumps.

We have separated them into three categories.

The first is basic heat pumps. These are the least expensive models but they also have the least amount of features. Their seer rating is at least 13. That is the minimum allowed in the U.S.A.

The second category is premium heat pumps. These units have a seer rating of at least 16 and a two stage compressor but their price is higher.

The final category is ultimate heat pumps. These units have a seer of at least 18 and use the latest in compressor technology. Their price is also usually the highest.

  Top Basic Unit: 

Our top pick is the PSH4BE units from MAYTAG. This brand name is licensed to NORDYNE and is sold through authorized dealers. The units feature all-aluminum micro-channel coil construction for corrosion resistance and resulting in a compact unit. Their "Quiet Plus" package includes a compressor sound blanket and a swept wing fan as well as a composite base pan for quieter operation. The louvered stainless steel jacket resists corrosion and provides excellent protection for the condenser coil. The units use state of the are SureSwitch relays instead of the traditional air conditioner contactor and they are backed by an outstanding guarantee. 

Top Premium Central Heat Pump:

The top rated premium heat pump is the Amana ASZC16 which features advanced onboard diagnostics and has the ability to communicate with the other parts of the home's heating & cooling systems. The unit has a two speed condenser fan for added energy savings and it is backed by a very good warranty. The Amana brand name is licensed to GOODMAN which is a part of DAIKIN GLOBAL. For more info you can get the tech specs.

Amana ASZC16

World's Ultimate Heat Pump:

The world's best heat pump is the York model YZV which is brought to you by JOHNSON CONTROLS. The model is a part of their AFFINITY SERIES and features most of the state of the art technology in the unit construction. The units are very quiet and are backed by an outstanding guarantee but they are only available through their authorized dealer network.

Other Heat Pump Ratings

We continue our heat pump ratings with an alphabetical list of manufacturers and reviews of their products. You can continue to scroll through the list by clicking on the NEXT button or you can jump to the brand by entering the brand name in the search box at the top of the page.